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Solo Flight

I’m currently revising Solo Flight. The free download will be available again when the new version is ready, probably in January 2013.

Solo Flight cover

If John Galt were going to school now in America, he might go through an experience similar to Nolan Cooper…

Solo Flight is a novel with a powerful message. It will appeal to people who value personal freedom and liberty … It’s a book I wish I read when I was a teenager. I would have read it many times.

Nolan and the other characters are well developed throughout the story and the writing is excellent. I couldn’t put it down and kept wanting to know what happens next.

Matt McCormick


About Solo Flight

Nolan Cooper has a big secret. He invented and built an airplane, and he’s going to test fly it himself… if he can cut fourth period!

  • Why is a smart kid like Nolan flunking his classes?
  • What kind of school would punish a student for telling the truth?
  • Why is the worst bully in Nolan’s school not another student, but the Principal?
  • Can his best friend be tempted to reveal his secret life?
  • And why do they say his airplane design is destined to kill him?
  • Will Nolan fly free of his troubles, or will he crash and burn?

Find out in SOLO FLIGHT.

Solo Flight is the story of a boy and his clashes with the authorities as he tries to follow his own path in life. Part self-help novel, part political satire, the fast paced plot will keep you turning pages until the very end. You’ll be shocked to discover the true purpose of public school. Learn why it fails so miserably at education while it holds back the best and brightest. Solo Flight is a Declaration of Independence for young minds everywhere.

Literally, it felt like Tod had reached into my memories and ripped pages out of my life.Christine Shuck